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Inktober 2019 is (mostly) Over

When you think of October, most think of Halloween, the rich, crisp scent of Autumn, or your aunt's famous cinnamon squash dish.

Many artists, however, think of Inktober!

Over the last several years, the art community comes together during the month of October to follow daily prompts to keep the creativity flowing. While traditionally Inktober is done with pen or brush and paper, many artists branch out to hone their skills in an many areas.

This year, I chose to do a combination of vector artwork - primarily done with the pen tool! - done in an ink style, with a focus on developing 90% of the characters that will be featured in my graphic novel, Peculiar Threads.

It was very rewarding to get some of these designs cranked out. Now all they need are reference sheets and a script to follow! And while I didn't complete all 31 prompts due to illness, I am very pleased with how far I came.

Here come a few of my favourites!

I'm excited to continue refining my hand for next year's prompts! I'd like to really push myself to finish all 31 prompts, to complete 1 drawing per day, and to blow each piece out of the water.

Now I'm on to NaNoWriMo to crank out a script for the graphic novel.

Here's to meeting all of our goals!


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