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Personal Commissions Terms of Service

I’m Kat of CMYKat Graphics. Thanks for reading!

By commissioning me for a personal / non-commercial piece,

you agree to the following terms:

• Do's & Don'ts •

I currently DO draw:

Graphics, Human portraits, Anthropomorphic animal characters / Furry art, pet portraits, OCs (completely original, or characters ‘inspired’ from other fandoms), objects, landscapes.

At this time I am not taking fanart commissions, but I AM still accepting

 fan crossovers, parodies, or works featuring an OC from a fandom as commissions.


I do NOT draw:


Hardcore NSFW content, excessive violence or heavy gore, mature works depicting minors or feral animals, bigoted art targeting another’s race, gender, orientation, religion, etc, copyrighted material, subject matter which conflicts with my current style (examples include heavy realism or very complex weapons/robotics/backgrounds, etc).


If you aren't sure if I will create your vision, please ask! I am not opposed to things which are tastefully suggestive, mildly violent (pastel/candy gore, slightly injured), or unconventional,
and I like trying new things!

I reserve the right to refuse any commission, whether it’s something I’ll draw or not.


• Payment •


I will only accept PayPal transactions initiated by an invoice sent by myself.
This is for your protection and mine!

PayPal Invoicing automatically accounts for buyer's protection for you,

and record-keeping for myself.

I have three methods of payment and commission initiation.

Method A:
I start the commission only once it’s been paid in full.

Method B:
A payment-plan is discussed, whereupon a deposit is paid and additional payments follows in 1 - 3 installments throughout a negotiated duration. Work begins after the final payment is made.

Method C:
A deposit is made, I begin work, deliver low-res, watermarked files for client approval, and invoice for the final amount less the deposit once the client approves. Once payment is received, high-res, unwatermarked files are delivered, and the transaction is completed.

If no payment or deposit is made within 15 days of asking for a slot (barring the discussion of payment on a specific day), I will consider the commission cancelled and you will lose your place in the queue.


I may also cancel your slot if communication on your end
is completely dropped for over 15 days.

• Turn-around Times •

Please note that I spread my attention to all active commissions at once
to keep my queue moving.

My turn-around time varies from project to project.

Vector or pixel icons - typically 1-2 weeks
Detailed vector or pixel illustrations - typically 2-3 weeks
“Cutie” Pinback Buttons - same-day - 1 week
Telegram Sticker packs - 2-4 weeks
Graphic Design & Custom Illustrations - Per case and can vary!

I will inform you if I feel work may the expected time-frame, and from there

we can negotiate a new time-frame, or discuss a partial or full refund

(please see REFUNDS & CANCELLATIONS for more information).


If you require a date for the artwork to be done by,

please inform me IMMEDIATELY upon commissioning me. I can rush at extra costs, 

but will otherwise require at least 7 days notice before accepting a commission. 

• References •


Please provide clear, accurate and current references!

It's your responsibility to make sure they're up to date.

Link photos as well if you’re very particular about your species or portrait.

Send SFW references please.

If your only reference is NSFW, or if you link me to a gallery containing any NSFW content (PARTICULARLY if any content is violent/gorey) please WARN ME FIRST. Failure to do so
may result in an immediate cancellation or refusal to proceed with your commission.


References without images must be described in great detail, and any relevant or helpful photos should be sent, the more the better!


I’ll correct any oversights on my behalf for free, but mistakes made due to incomplete, changing or inaccurate references

may be subject to extra fees for the time needed to make corrections.

PLEASE NOTE that you must be the owner of the character! I do perform a little research to ensure I am not drawing characters in a manner that would not be authorized by the actual owner of a character (such as couple art that pairs an unauthorized character with your own). This includes gift art!

• WIPs, Revisions and approval •

As of December 2019, I send WIPs along with each stage of the commission

apart from my cutie buttons to stay on a same-day schedule.


If you’re not happy with the initial sketch of a custom commission that is $35 or over, I can completely redo it for free once. Multiple overhauls may result in extra fees.
Please try to list all of the edits in one message so that I can adjust your image at once!
Otherwise, additional fees will apply. 


Once the sketch is approved, the composition of the image cannot be changed without fees, and any refund requests become partial refunds (see REFUNDS & CANCELLATIONS

 for more info).

Any mistakes made on my behalf are corrected for free, of course!

Once lineart and flat colours are approved,
changes can no longer be made to the base image/structure

without charging extra fees!

Once the final image has been approved, all payment made prior is final.

• Refunds & Cancellations •


I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time!

Payment is FINALIZED once you have received finished work
and you have approved all other stages.

Note that major overhauls or changes to the artwork after all other stages have been approved  may be subject to additional fees!


You may receive a full refund on a commission provided no work has begun.
Finished, approved and received work cannot be fully refunded!

Chargebacks performed with the explicit intent of stealing my artwork after approving images will result in being blacklisted along with a public Commissioner Beware.


Should something come up that I must cancel on my end (emergencies, equipment failure, etc), I will refund you in full, no matter what stage I am at.

I will cancel and refund a client’s slot in full if rudeness or harassment occurs.

Harassment can include sending rude or irrelevant messages,

not conducting yourself in a professional manner, etc.


If you have been refunded in full, I retain the right to keep and reuse any preliminary work, warm-up sketches which may have been done, etc.


I can reuse work such as base sketches or idea boards produced in other projects,

including new commissions or prints, if you've been fully refunded. 


Partial refunds will be issued on work that is cancelled on the customer’s end after sketches have been approved or once any amount of work has been done.

I will determine the percentage of the refund

based on the amount of time I've put into the commission I was approved to begin.

The later into the commission I am informed of a cancellation,

the lower the percentage of the refund.


For example, a project that is 50% completed will receive a 50% refund

if the client desires a refund.

• Rights •


Unless explicitly and officially negotiated, such as for commercial-grade work,

I  retain the rights to the artwork produced.

This includes the right to distribute, print, sell, re-post and upload or edit.

You will retain the right to any original characters

used in the artwork when applicable.

Please do not edit or crop signatures out of any final work.


You can do whatever you'd like with the final image including printing, re-uploading, turn into pins or icons, etc, provided these uses are personal, non-profit and non-commercial and that you do not claim the artwork as your own or edit final work and claim it,

unless this was otherwise explicitly discussed and negotiated.

Kindly give credit or a link-back to my website or social media,
especially when reposting!

It is very helpful to me as a growing artist.


Please let me know IMMEDIATELY upon commissioning me if you want anything kept 100% private/not uploaded anywhere online or if you do not want a signature in the artwork!
Some additional fees for this may apply for this.


***I reserve the right to upload finished work to online platforms
when complete and approved, or to use in my portfolio.
If you DO NOT WANT THIS let me know PRIOR to commissioning me!***




• Final Work •


Please be sure to save final work to your computer/device once it is complete! It may not remain online forever, and I can't guarantee it will live on my hard drive forever.


I don't provide .PSD, .AI, or otherwise editable files of work

in any stage for personal commissions. If you require raw working files,

we must then discuss commercial rights to the work.


If you need a particular format, resolution or size for personal printing (ie on poster or for a desktop), please inform me of this during the initial agreement of the commission, NOT at the end! I cannot guarantee I can provide you with a wide-format poster

 if you have ordered something that is the size of an icon!

That's about it! Thanks for reading! I know it’s lengthy!

~Kat @CMYKat Graphics

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