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Below you will find a collection of various pieces I've designed, illustrated and developed into a personal merchandise line!

You will find a mixture of completely original work from my own imagination, and fanart from franchises that have been inspiring me for many years.

The majority of stationery goods (stickers, bookmarks,

greeting cards) I actually develop myself in my little studio, from conception, to sketch, to finished illustration, to print, to cut, laminate, trim, crease, punch, etc! Everything I make, however, including items I've had help manufacturing, is drawn and designed by me with love. <3

For design and illustration commission inquiries in regards to a potential project,

or simply to get in touch with Kat in regards to her work,

please send her an email.

Or, you can simply click
here and fill out a form.

To see my design & illustration portfolios, please click here!

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